Access Number: 1-800-934-7834 | Customer Service: 1-800-330-0385

More benefitsSo you make calls through another online provider like this one?

More benefits

Liberal expiration policy - We give you a rolling expiration date. Every time you make a phone call on your account, you get another 6 months. So, use it every now and then, and no worries here.

Easy to refill - the best in the business: You can refill right on the phone, right after your card runs out of money. You can also refill by phone or by toll-free number, 24 x 7 x 365, all instantly.

We email you when your balance runs low - Usually twice a month, depending on how you use your account, you’ll get a balance notice and reminder from us. Very handy. Unsubscribe whenever you want of course.

Dropped call refunds - Dropped calls happen sometimes. Our policy is to give you back those minutes. Learn more

Use us from 15 countries and growing fast - Maybe not a big deal to you today, but it’s there if you want it. Maybe you end up on a vacation or an airport and we save you a few bucks compared to roaming on a cell phone or calling straight from the hotel.