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PinDance is best for international calling with no fees!

How to make phone calls using PinDance

How to use PinDance

PinDance offers a truly no-fees experience

7 out of 8 calling cards will not give you the minutes promised because of hidden fees!

PinDance is an affordable way to make international calls. It takes the good stuff from phone cards - quick affordable calling just by dialing an access number. And it takes out the bad stuff - hidden fees. Long Pins. Trips to the store. Then it tops it off with stuff only possible via the web: speed dialing, instant recharging online, call record history, so you get more convenience and spend less.

Fees? What fees?

Fees How much?
Connection fees none
Maintenance fees none
Weekly fees none
Activation fees none
Service processing fees none
Checkout charges none
Shipping none - email only
Other stuff
Rounding 1 minute billing, nothing tricky
Toll Free access Free
Calling from Canada 3.9¢/minute surcharge
Calling from Payphone 65¢ surcharge per call

How PinDance benefits you

Dropped Call Credits:
Sometimes calls get dropped due to 3rd world connections or cell phones. We have a very liberal dropped call policy. If dropped, you can get a refund on all the 1 minute charges that rack up.
No PINs Needed - save your fingers with PIN-SKIP:
During the purchase process, you get to make your own PIN. Then you can 'add' phone numbers to your list where you don’t want us to prompt your for your PIN each time. So, when you call from home for example, there is no pin needed, but if you call from a payphone, you would enter your PIN.
24 x 7 rechargeable by phone or online. Have minutes when you need them.
It’s a 'Next Generation Card' so:
Your account is always linked to this website, so you get to see all your call records, add speed-dial shortcuts or do all that 'power user' stuff if you are interested.
The little touches:
You get an automatic low balance warning a few minutes before you run out of money during a phone call. You can get email reminders if you want.

Shopping at PinDance

Safe & Secure
We accept credit cards and debit cards on this safe shopping site.
$10 to $100 Prepay Options
You can buy $10, $15, $25, $50, $75, or $100 and you can add more later too.
Instant Setup
To buy a card, you just fill out the quick "buy a card" page. The yellow buttons all over this site will take you there.
Money Back Guarantee
You have a 30-day money back protection policy on your initial purchase on this site.
Delivered Instantly by Email
You will receive on-screen as well as emailed instructions for your card as soon as you complete the 'buy a card' page.